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Plans for 2017 EMBM

We'll have to work extra hard to top the 2016 Bike Meet. We raised almost £13000 for Erskine and had one of the biggest turnouts we could ever hope for.


We are pleased to say BIKER DOWN will be joining us again this year, along with KENNEDY CUPCAKES and PORT TOWN ROCKERS.


We will also have representatives from the British Army, PAISLEY 2021 and of course the ARMY CADET FORCE.


TOM RUSSELL the Godfather of Rock, will be stopping by with copies of his autobiography to sell and sign.


PinUps Vintage  will be inviting you in to have mini makeovers


As always we will have various craft stalls, food stands, kids rides and other activities roaming around.


For the first time this year, Recreation within the Erskine Home will be opened up with stalls from the 4 homes of Erskine, as well as refreshments, and Erskine Park will also be open with stalls and more refreshments


We do absolutely encourage you to get involved, spend time with Erskine's veterans and have a great day


As always we invite you to pause for a moment at 2pm, led by Rev Jonathan Fleming, to reflect on those no longer with us, those in Erskine's care now, and those still serving in the armed forces



Evie & Jeanie pictured with the Kennedy Cupcakes and some visitors to the bike meet, took the long way round to the bike meet - starting at Edinburgh - John o Groats, Lands End and finally the bike meet. The ladies raised in excess of £2000 for Erskine.

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