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The Parade

We started the parade a few years ago, as a way of advertising the bike meet itself.

The parade starts at Parik Mains High School PA8 6EY

Muster Time - midday onwards

Departure time - 1240PM

Arrival time at Erskine Motorbike Meet PA7 5PU - 130PM


Route - Park Mains High School

Centreholm Roundabout -3rd exit to A726 - 1st exit at Southbar roundabout - Parkway - 1st exit at Parkway Roundabout - Park Drive - left turn onto Newshot Drive - straight ahead on Newshot Drive to Bridgewater roundabout - 2nd exit onto Centreway - 3rd exit on Centreholm Roundabout straight through to Erskine hospital.


Click here for Map